Hi! My name is Sarah and I have a passion for simplifying tradition and choosing only those that bring joy to your day. Do you long to have your ceremony your way? Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the party planning with no time left to develop a great ceremony? Did you know your wedding ceremony can be a celebration of your love without being cookie-cutter, same-as-everyone-else? I will assist you in reducing, or better yet, removing societal and family pressure to perform in specific ways “because that’s how it’s always been done”. Your wedding day is a statement and celebration of your love for each other. It should reflect that! I will assist you in crafting a ceremony that is a beautiful representation of your love and lifestyle. Are you ready to celebrate your unique love story? Let’s chat!

“The Importance of a Professional Wedding Officiant” ~ written by: David Stembaugh

Brides and grooms often overlook the importance of the person actually conducting their wedding ceremony. They place great care in a place, date, and time, but do not consider that the ceremony will not go forward without an officiant. The person you choose to conduct your ceremony is the person you are counting on to …

“The Importance of a Professional Wedding Officiant” ~ written by: David Stembaugh Read More »

What Is A Secular Wedding Ceremony?

A secular wedding ceremony incorporates the personalities and beliefs of the couple versus traditional religious ceremonies. It is non-traditional, non-religious and non-conformist. Couples that have a secular wedding may include a few religious and traditional references if they please; however, the wedding is most likely to be modeled after their individual tastes.

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