Rings or Something Else?

Wedding rings are just one of many ways to display your love and commitment to your partner. If rings are not for you check out this list of alternatives to exchanging and wearing wedding rings.

1. Create a bucket list and start working through it|
2. Gift a star
3. Commission a sculpture
4. Sponsor a child
5. Sponsor an animal
6. Climb a mountain
7. Purchase burial plots
8. Write a poem
9. Restore a car
10. Get IVF
11. Get matching tattoos or tattoo wedding rings
12. Piercings – nose rings are traditional in India
13. Jewelry – matching or engraved necklaces, bracelets, pins etc.
14. Watches
15. Matching wallets
16. Engraved wallet card
17. Wallet pictures of each other
18. Engraved, matching pens
19. Custom perfume/cologne
20. Shoes – specialty shoes are expensive and could be important to that bucket list and travel fund
21. Exchange your favorite books or read them to each other
22. Exchange your favorite video games, play them together
23. Hand made items such as quilts, furniture, etc.
24. Crystals – choose gemstones that represent your feels
25. Paintings/Drawings done by you or commissioned
26. Frame your wedding certificate/vows and hang in a prominent place in your home
27. Plant a tree
28. Get a pet
29. Start a travel fund jar for that bucket list
30. Volunteer together
31. Donate to a charity
32. Do nothing – your love is your own and public displays are a personal decision

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